Yellow Wallpaper

February 14, 2018
Originally published January 1892
Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“Yellow wallpaper” – is a book written by American writer Charlotte Gilman in 1892. A story about chauvinism, about ignorance and delusions. While in society some enjoy great authority, the opinion of others does not exsit. In this story, the wife is completely subordinated to her husband – he came up with a schedule for her, he allows her to do one thing and does not allow her to do anything else, while her illness is denied and is simply called nerves”. The first floor of their house were not allowed for her, and in her bedroom on the second floor were such horrible wallpapers, and another thing is lattice on the windows, and the bed is nailed to the floor. But if everything was so simple – a satrap husband and an unhappy wife, a hostage to his cruel nature.

The story is short, but the reason for the behavior and such arguments of the heroine appears more and more clearly, as the picture on the wallpaper. If a person is locked up in a room in a depression, without any communication with anyone other than a husband and a nurse, and deprived of the right to do any effort or occupation, but leaved with the imagination, it is not surprising that he will simply, gradually and definitively leave with coils. The novel interprets the role and oppression of women in America in the 18th century.