Where She Went

February 23, 2018

“Where she went” is the continuation of the novel “If I Stay.” Mia Hall came to herself after the coma that she had fallen into because of the accident, where her entire family was dead. She goes through rehabilitation, after some time she enroll  Juliard School to learn arts and musician, goes to New York … and suddenly throws her boyfriend Adam, who was always with her before and after the accident. And this was for an unpleasant surprise for him. Three years later, Adam becomes a popular rock musician, and Mia is a famous cellist. He is still experiencing separation, as if all this happened to him recently.

He decides to go to her concert, where she notices him, and suggests to spend this last day together, as he will go on a tour of Europe, and she will go to Japan with concerts. And maybe they will never see again. What will happen to them? Are they coming together again? Or disperse like ships in the sea? The difference from “If I Stay” is that here the whole story is conducted on behalf of Adam. A very heartfelt and romantic story about life and love.