June 10, 2018

That’s the tradeoff between the Vaio and the OQO or FlipStart which have lower resolution displays with larger fonts but you’ll find yourself scrolling side to side frequently and some dialogs or even the Windows Start Menu contents won’t fit on screen. The left grip incorporates the battery pack. Since the UX is wider than a BlackBerry or Sidekick those with short thumbs or smaller hands may struggle to reach the middle keys. Widescreen and Touchscreen Display The laptop has a 4. It’s pleasant to use, accurate and responsive. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

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On the left you’ll see a larger button up top with a smaller button directly below.

Sony Vaio UXN – Notebook Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Or use your 3G Bluetooth phone as a wireless modem for better speeds assuming the phone has Bluetooth 2. While these numbers aren’t up to today’s fast dual core machines, they’re surprisingly good for a handtop and comparable to 2 to 3 pound ultralight notebooks other than sony vaio ux380n integrated graphics, which are a bit lower vio average.

It’s strictly for data and there’s no software for making voice calls. The front and rear uz380n cameras are perfect for Skype and vertical market use. We loved the original Sony Vaio UXP for its daring step into the sony vaio ux380n of full-featured handheld computing. XBrite technology with touch screen. Lowering the display brightness has a surprisingly small impact on battery life, unlike most notebooks.

sony vaio ux380n


Even after 9 months on the market, the device is still pure eye candy. They aren’t sony vaio ux380n fast, but they’re certainly usable. Since the device has a touch screen which responds to the stylus and your finger, the mouse button is a secondary control.

An extended battery approximately doubles runtimes and makes for a humpy grip that’s actually easier to sony vaio ux380n than the standard battery. We found the UXN had better WiFi range than the UXP, though the sony vaio ux380n is the same the software seems to provide more power to the radio when in low signal areas. Also included is a biometric fingerprint reader and corresponding software to store your passwords.

Sony Vaio UX Micro PC – Wikipedia

This allows you to enter a password simply by placing your finger on the reader. Virus Protection The included Caio Internet Security software comes with a day subscription to help you protect your computer from malicious software such as viruses and spyware.

The software reads fingerprints quickly and well and you can enroll several fingers they need not be from the same person. The display is sony vaio ux380n gorgeous; Sony’s XBrite with pen support is a lovely thing.

The curvy-back with ergonomic grips make it feel really good in hand though it’s thick— the thinnest part at the middle measures 1. Graphics are handled by Intel’s sony vaio ux380n GM which uses megs of shared system memory Windows reports megs.

What do those controls do?

Integrated Monaural Speakers Headphone: The blue backlighting turns on when you sony vaio ux380n a key and remains sony vaio ux380n for a few seconds after the last key press. The back camera features a 1. Sony vaio ux380n series T series Y series Z series. In the Box As with all UX series models, Sony includes a nice selection of accessories; a good thing given the price and the usual cost of Sony add-ons.

The UX has very good reception on Cingular’s network and we got around k. That’s enough to store required apps, but not enough room for those with extensive iTunes video libraries to go wild.

The Sony has a caps lock key. Gaming on the UX isn’t the challenge we expected.

Alternatively you can turn off gesture commands and use the Windows standard right click feature in its place, You may customize the buttons as you see fit, should you prefer them to do other things. Windows Vista Business Edition is the platform that ties all this hardware and software sony vaio ux380n, giving you a great ultra-portable sony vaio ux380n for the mobile professional backed by the Sony name.

The UX ships with a mAh battery that slides onto the back comprising the right grip. Views Read Edit View history. The UX use Intel’s chipset the same chipset used sony vaio ux380n standard Intel-architecture notebookshas a gig of DDR2 RAM soldered to its tiny motherboard the machine can handle 2 gigs max but Sony doesn’t offer a UX with this optionand either the 32 gig solid state flash memory drive on the UXN or a 1.