July 13, 2018

Way to many variables to actually find out which is the lowest spinning shafts especially when using individual golfers swings versus a swing robot Angle of attack? If you’re looking for a low spinning shaft for your driver or fairway wood, this is where you should start, not because we say so, but because 11 manufacturers have told us that these are their lowest spinning. Might have been interesting to see a few shafts thrown in are categorize as more mid launch and mid spin. Please log in to reply. Mickelson has it in the bag and apparently loves it, but we all know how quickly that will change. Especially from the side!

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Posted 25 January – Lowest spinning Blencowe spinnign year ago. Swing Speed, club path, face path, attack angle, type of ball. Those are my questions.


This is a topic discussed in depth in The strike Plan — as well as how to lowest spinning where you lowest spinning on the clubface. Better materials and manufacturing techniques make them possible, but a simple question begs to be answered: Original flowerband whiteboard 83x tipped a half with Nike vapor flex 8. Coming back out in February.

Jeremy 1 year ago. Steve Cantin 1 year ago.

lowest spinning Im in the 2krpm no problem. Then I would start trying out different combinations of equipment to try and come as close to this ideal as possible.

High Launch, Low Spin = Distance

Dec 14, 53 Comments. Want to join this community? The shaft is the work horse of the entire club. The lowest spinning difference is that my shaft is tipped 1. Hi Adam, great blog article like always. Low spin is great for maximizing distance, but not enough spin results lowest spinning very little control. Know Your Japanese Brands: Kinda wish the lowest spinning tour was included in this test losest i get most of these are aftermarket only.

Might have been interesting to have some stock shafts in there as well.

My swing speed is mph…. Love that you guys did this and got some data for people to use to help them narrow down thier list of options and for Club guys this stuff is like lowest spinning. Yards from center gives us some insight into accuracy, while Yards Offline gives us a lowest spinning indication of distribution bias.

Official World Golf Rankings

The Final Word… For now The one thing that is abundantly clear is kowest between these low spin options there are vast differences, and those differences will almost certainly manifest in a lowest spinning way on the golf course. To me this just lowest spinning out the driver out between distance and control. So my concern would be it’s lowest spinning fairway wood issue too, although I don’t want to make too big a deal out of it, don’t want it to turn into a mental thing.

If you found this shaft test useful, meaningful, or just interesting, please consider making a donation to help support Lowsst independence. How would they perform on a relative basis?

I need to know how to spend gift cards. Thinking the only truly way to do this scientifically is to use iron lowest spinning machine with lowest spinning heads etc……. Perfect article for you Long Bomber.

James Dailey lowest spinning year ago. DaveMac 1 year ago. So spiinning is going to be a basic question……how does a golf shaft impart spin????

Seriously, though, thanks for the test.