June 10, 2018

Just wondering, is there any screw below of the touchpad? Can it be saved or is it a trip to the rubbish dump? Hi … great guide. I received this laptop with windows vista on it. There should be a sticker under the memory module. Key Features Review Price: If all other keys work fine and only 9,O,L fail, most likely this is bad keyboard.

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I decided to disassemble it following your steps in order to get to the fan and clean it. Acutally im a regular user in the compaq presario v6000 it was working good but slowly as my work increased it started troubling me in the name of struc You can support this site.

Compaq Presario v Notebook Announced

The mobile supplied is a TL, which has a clock speed of 1. I have an AMD dual processor. V60000, I would try reconnecting compaq presario v6000 drive. Pepi, Should I put heatsink g6000 on both sides of thermal pads, or just use strictly the thermal pads?

Most likely your laptop overheats compaq presario v6000 the heatsink is full of dust and it kills normal airflow inside the heatsink. Mar 06, I stripped it down, de-dusted it and then reassembled it and now it works.

We’ll contact you shortly. I also noticed that the system time was all out of whack.

When we start video calling we does not found a better video. After I disconnected the LCD cable, I found that there is one more compaq presario v6000 running from the display panel to the power switch board.

Compaq Presario v6000 Notebook Announced

Is there a pcmia slot in presario v model? When I go to hit the power button the lights on the strip come on for one quick second and a whole lotta nothing happens. Thank you for compaq presario v6000 your knowledge and time. Memory and storage basic.

Compaq Presario V – Wikipedia

I know it worked because when I removed RAM it started to make loud beeps like it should. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Retrieved from compaq presario v6000 https: I don’t like this laptop.

The power board connected to the motherboard via a cable shown on the step Can you see the hard drive test utility in the BIOS? Its not sufficient for multitasking. I suspect I have a broken comaq connection at the connector.

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They have been compaq presario v6000 their products in India since many years and there are many service centres of compaq is available in India which is plus point about this brand. Any suggestion would really be appreciated!

Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. I wish i was of the age of g6000 so that i could compaq presario v6000 you a cup of beer donation …thank you so much, i have been looking for this for ages!! I just tested two dell laptop compaq presario v6000 both had hard drive temperature around 38 Celsius.

My Pressario V switches on lights come on for just a second or two then immediatley switches itself goes off again. Anybody any idea why my power button will compaq presario v6000 work, the two plugs are attached properly and the ribbon is plugged in properly…any suggestions.

This is very poor quality laptop on the other computers. I have a V and it just stopped working today but over the last year I have lost the wireless and external compaq presario v6000.