A Long Way Gone

February 11, 2018

A native of Sierra Leone Ishmael Beah published the book  “A long way gone”: Memories of a Soldier Boy, in which he described how he experienced the events of the civil war in his country. The book is written in the style of memoirs and biography, its about all the difficult situations and feelings that soldiers experienced during the civil war in 1991 .The sermon of a young man from Sierra Leone who, after an attack by militants on his native village, lost all members of his family and was forced to join the army at the age of 13 years. By the age of 16 he was already a professional killer, who did not ask any unnecessary questions. In today’s world, more than 350,000 children are involved in hostilities, most in Africa. They are used as fighters and scouts. They are accustomed to drugs and alcohol to achieve subordination. “Tomorrow I’m going to kill” allows us to look at the war through the eyes of a teenager, moreover, a teen soldier.