50 Sombras Mas Oscuras

February 8, 2018
Originally published 2011
Author E. L. James
Pages 544
Publisher Vintage Books
ISBN 978-0-34580349-8

50 sombras mas oscuras

Romantic melodramatic novel by the author is an English writer E.L. James. The novel describes the life of a young girl who recently graduated from college and has a relationship with a young handsome business man. Sensually and sincerely described the development of their relations. The book opens its eyes to the kind of relationship that can change a person, heal and give a new meaning to life. Moreover, in this part of the trilogy the formation and development of the main heroine is revealed. Passionate and contradictory characters of the protagonists excite the imagination of the reader.The novel is screened and won the attention of millions of viewers.